World wide shipping for seatbelt guitar straps

When you are ordering seatbelt guitar straps online, you want to have the best choice possible. Not only do you want a variety in materials, but also colours and the way they are made. This is exactly what the company Overdrive Straps has! They ship the best seatbelt guitar straps world wide and you can order as many straps as you would like here. They have different kinds that come in all sorts of colours.

  • Seatbelt straps
  • Retro fabric straps
  • Full leather straps

It does not matter what kind of strap you are looking for, the chances that Overdrive Straps delivers them to your door are very high. They are Dutch made and of the highest quality. The seatbelt guitar straps are made of heavy duty leather and high quality fabrics. This means that you can trust these straps. If you opt for the straps that are of less quality than the chances are high that the strap will break and this might mean some bad news for your guitar. Do not take that risk and always order your seatbelt guitar straps here. When you place your order and you want it shipped to either The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg then the shipping costs are only € 3,95. Do you live in any other European country? You will be paying € 8,50. Shipping to Canada and the USA is also possible for € 11,95. All other countries are on the shipping list too and you will pay € 12,95.

Order your seatbelt guitar straps today

Placing an order on the website of Overdrive Straps is very simple. All you have to do is select the seatbelt guitar straps that you want to have and place them in the ‘shopping cart’. Make sure you fill in the specifications that you are looking for and place your order. The estimated delivery time varies on where you want the order shipped to. The company Overdrive Straps is based in The Netherlands. If you order one or more of the seatbelt guitar straps that are in stock, the order will be shipped out within one to four business days. It takes between one (within The Netherlands) and 18 (Asia, Australia, South America and South Africa) business days before the order has been delivered to your door. If you want to know the exact delivery date, just check the Track & Trace that you get after you have placed your order. This will tell you when the package should arrive. Please keep in mind that it is not guaranteed. It might take a bit longer or shorter for your package to arrive.

Paying for your seatbelt guitar straps

Of course they offer multiple payment methods on the website of Overdrive Straps. Dutch customers have the privilege to pay with iDeal, but customers from other countries also have a lot of options to choose from. Like Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard), Paypal (which is not available for Dutch customers), Bankcontact or Mr. Cash for Belgian customers, Sofort Banking for Germans and some countries can choose the option for Bank Transfer. Whatever option you choose to pay for your seatbelt guitar straps, Overdrive Straps always makes sure that you get the best possible service. If you have any questions about placing an order or about the payment, please do not hesitate to contact them. They love to help you out. Also if you need more information about which seatbelt guitar straps you should choose. They know everything there is to know about them! So ask away and they will give you the answers.

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