Want to know more about Holland and company formation?

At Dike International, we are specialized in helping entrepeneurs from all over the world, to set up their companies in The Netherlands. We know everything about the Dutch economy, Dutch people and doing business here. In our opinion, The Netherlands are an excellent country to start or to expand your business. The small country is based in Western Europe and has great connections to other European countries, such as:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Danmark
  • Spain

In fact, all European countries are easily reached by different types of transport: via water, roads or air travel. If you are looking to expand your business to Europe, choose Holland. Company formation here is exceptionally easy and can be done in just five days. With help of Dike International, you will be sure your company meets all required standards and is able to make profit almost immediately.

Why choose Holland for company formation?

The Netherlands are known for their open culture. This also applies to Dutch business culture. The Dutch have always been a trading nation and this is still seen in business today. The Dutch government encourages all entrepeneurs to choose Holland for company formation. Many large companies and multinationals now have their offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague. Tax rates are low, while the Dutch have organised their infrastructure and legislation extremely well. You will also find qualified personel everywhere, since the Dutch are educated well. The Dutch flourishing economy provides room to numerous Dutch and foreign companies. This causes a snowball effect and leads to an everlasting growth of companies who also choose Holland for company formation. This, of course, might also be applicable to you. Do you want to take the next step and choose Holland for company formation? Contact us for more information or schedule a call or meeting with us. We love to get to know you, your plans and your goals. Based on a first meeting, we can give you the advice you need and connect you to the right people. Of course, it depends on your needs and business type what we can offer regarding Holland company formation.

Our services

We offer a wide range of services. Some business owners like to take matters into their own hands. We offer them advice and counseling when needed. Other entrepeneurs are too busy to organise Holland company formation themselves. For them, we have personal assistants ready whenever needed. We offer help with finding translators, office space and housing. We are also able to connect your company to other, who might function as clients or can offer supporting services. An accounting agency can take your adminstration on to make doing business easier. Transportation companies might be able to transport your goods into mainland Europe. Do you need to start from scratch and do you need some advice on designing a business plan or your Holland company formation? Our experts can help you out. A well designed business plan makes it easier to get a loan at a (Dutch) bank and to finance your business from the start. Make use of our services and start of your new Dutch adventure well.  

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