Tyson Offenberg

Where do I start?  Tyson is Offenberg is an excellent real estate manager with an amazing work ethic and vast amounts of knowledge, especially for one so young. Tyson is a true professional with a passion for the projects she supports. He truly cares about others, and this connection to people benefits his profession as well as his personal life. Let me say that Tyson is a real person. He’s honest, has integrity, and would not tell you something you do not need to hear. Operationally, he possesses an unmatched skill set and is very detailed in his knowledge and strives to expand that knowledge as rolls and requirements of the industry expand.  He would be an asset to any project, especially out front interfacing with customers on a regular basis. Tyson is definitely not a back-office person. Sales, business development, sales support and implementation are areas where Tyson  thrives as he possesses excellent sales, communications and presentations skills. In addition to his people skills, Tyson is able to absorb complex technical details and relate them as to prospects and customers in a way that is easy to understand and guide them through to a successful solution. Whatever company that ends up with Tyson Offenberg as resource will be very, very fortunate.

No one is more committed to his work than Tyson Offenberg.  He dedicates himself to completing any project he starts.  Tyson is accommodating, always going to extra mile to make things work smoothly.
He is constantly juggling schedules and meeting demanding deadlines. He makes excellent use of the resources available to him. Tyson is always concerned with the quality of everything over which he has control. He is always ahead of the game when changes are being made. Tyson is constantly enhancing his skills through training and new industry knowledge.  Tyson is totally dependable; he can be counted on to work out every detail. Tyson knows what will be required and makes the necessary arrangements to make sure the client needs are accommodated.  Tyson is a perfectionist. Customer feedback on his services has been excellent .

I have the greatest respect for Tyson. In an environment that is regularly a tinder box of timing, quick turn around, Tyson is able to deliver a resolution path and personally commit to finding solutions that bring  focus and tangible progress. He has this huge toolbox of skills that amazed me, time after time, he is a true professional in every sense of the word.

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