The advantages of professional fireworks displays

Fireworks displays come in all kinds of sizes. You have the amateur fireworks displays, for instance. These are almost predominantly characterized by loud bangs and an absence of decent rockets. Fireworks displays of a high quality are surprisingly different, however. The professional variety includes a subtle mix of different firework varieties to appeal to any crowd. The professional displays can be found at They are specialised in these products. They also have a great variety; it includes a wide range of rockets, for instance. Some rockets are well suited to lighten up the area and thus quickly impress the crowd. Others have a more subtle effect. They go off with a relatively soft bang, for example, but then spread out thousands of smaller firecrackers that will explode mid-air. Again, it is also possible to go purely for sound. As such, it is often up to the producer and the customer to determine what kind of fireworks displays they want to set up. In essence, anything is possible with the right attitude, mind set and of course the correct materials. Advanced or professional fireworks displays have the following advantages (that are more or less obvious) that are often put forward in their defence:

  • Professional fireworks displays offer an unprecedented wide range of possible visual options. With regard to the rockets, for instance, it is possible to choose rockets for fireworks displays that score high on visual allure and light intensity, but it is also possible to choose for more of a “boom”. This, in the end, depends on the preferences of the buyer and the skill of the producer and engineer.
  • No hearing loss. With amateur shows, there is often a high degree of dependency on firecrackers and other fireworks that make a lot of sound. That might be due to their relative inexpensiveness or the fact that they are relatively easy to come by. As such, there is a significant chance for your ears to be damaged in the process. A more professional approach will make sure that the show is responsibly carried out.
  • Safety regulation. For more information on this, see the next paragraph.

Safety regulations and fireworks displays

Safety is a major concern when preparing fireworks displays. That is because the results of a show gone wrong can be disastrous. There are plenty of graphic examples available on the internet or other digital media that show how wrong fireworks displays can go. What people often forget, however, is that fireworks are not dangerous in themselves. In other words, it is the irresponsible use of rockets and firecrackers that leads to dangerous situations. In contrast, professional displays are as safe as can be. That is, companies that organize fireworks displays take safety into consideration. It is one of their main concerns, to be more precise. The distance between the show and the audience is taken into consideration, for instance. There is a certain distance that has to be between the two, which varies depending on the weather and wind conditions. Weather and wind conditions furthermore play a role in the judgment whether fireworks displays can actually be held. If the conditions are deemed unsafe, then a professional engineer will not continue the show. In addition to the distance between the audience and the weather and wind conditions, it is important to watch the materials that the rockets and firecrackers are produced with. Rude black powder can have unexpected effect, for instance, thus making it a relatively unsafe product. In high quality fireworks displays, great effort is put into advanced materials. All in all, this leads to the following safety regulations:

  • Concern about the distance from the detonation area of the rockets and firecrackers to the public. There is a certain minimum distance that is of importance.
  • Keeping an eye on the weather and wind conditions. That is, if the weather is too bad or the wind too strong, then it can be irresponsible to hold a show.
  • Finally, the materials that the firecrackers and rockets are produced with should be inspected. Raw black powder, for instance, can be relatively instable and thus dangerous. It is therefore important to choose for a more technologically advanced substance for the explosive effect.

The different effects that light up the sky

Rockets in fireworks displays can illuminate the sky with different colours. The most common light colour is white, because it is the easiest to fabricate. It is also common, however, to use red and green. These colours also fit well together, because they are what is called “complementary”. Different variations of red can also be used, such as purple and orange. Finally, yellow and blue are also possible. Some colours, such as grey and black, are obviously harder to bring into being. That is because they are hard to see against a dark background and the chemical process behind these substances is expensive and energy consuming. It is therefore a good idea to make a list of your favourite colours and present them to the engineer that you are working with. He or she will be able to tell you whether they are valid choices, or if it is better to use another colour scheme. All in all, it has become clear that a professional show can be a beautiful, safe and very good choice for your event opening. Engineers can put together a show that suits your personal needs and are always open to suggestions, tips and amendments. If you want more information, please visit the website Here you will find what you need when you’re looking for quality products.

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