The advantages of a professional disc harrow

A disc harrow is an advanced farm implement is typically used to cultivate soil. That is, it is a tool that can be attached to a tractor to work the soil that is to host the crops of the farmer. In addition to cultivating the soil, a disc harrow can also be used to kill any unwanted plants. It chops up these weeds by using its sharp steel blades. This allows a farmer to quickly and efficiently clear the soil of any unwanted weeds, crops and crop remainders by using the advanced tool described above. The disc harrow furthermore can be made by different producers. One option is the brand Simba, whereas another one is the Evers brand. We strongly suggest the Evers brand because this brand is of excellent quality and affordable. In conclusion, a disc harrow serves the following uses in the context of a farm:

  • it cultivates the soil, thus allowing new and wanted crops to grow faster and bigger
  • it kills off unwanted crops, weeds and crop remainders that would otherwise hinder the growth of the wanted crops
  • it shuffles the soil, thus allowing for a quicker growth of any planted seeds

With regard to the last bullet point, it can be pointed out that a disc harrow is mostly used on soil that has been recently ploughed. That is, after you plough the soil, you can put the disc harrow behind a tractor and use it to further work the land. The advantage of a disc harrow in this situation is that it can eliminate any remaining clumps of soil or clay. It can furthermore loosen any soil that has been packed together due to rain or irrigation. That is, however, not all that the disc harrow can do. It can also chop up remaining crops on the field. As for an example, that would be old corn stalks. It is generally known that these are though and can have a disastrous influence on the growth of future crops. Therefore, a disc harrow can be used to chop these old crops up and ready the land for a good plough. In effect, this diminishes the risk of clogging the plough in the farming process.

The use of the disc harrow and the concavity of the steel discs

The disco harrow is characterized by a number of steel or iron discs that help plough the soil and remove and unwanted crops, weeds or crop remainders. These iron and steel discs are characterized by a certain concavity. In effect, this means that when viewed from above, one could easily see a number of parts that together seem to have a shape like the capital letter “X”. The concavity of the iron and steel discs of the disc harrow leads to the following advantages:

  • First off, the iron and steel discs are not parallel to the general outline of the machine. That is, they are slightly adjacent when one views the apparatus from above. This has a certain effect, namely for the steel and iron discs of the disc harrow to slice the ground over a little bit. This leads to a better and faster growth of any future seeds and crops.
  • Secondly, the concavity of the steel and iron discs has another use. That is, it not only optimises the ground for future crops due to their slight adjacency, but the iron and steel discs and their offset also loosen any soil they cut. After the soil has been loosened, the iron and steel discs of the disc harrow are also known for picking up the soil. In effect, this again benefits any future crop that is to grow on these lands.

As such, this apparatus cultivates the soil, kills off any unwanted crops, and shuffles the soil. Due to the special arrangement of the iron and steel discs, it also slices the ground over a little bit and picks up the soil. This all benefits the next crops that have to grow in the fields.

Many true benefits

The disc harrow thus allows a farmer to better prepare the fields for the next season. Although this model has been known for a long time, it significantly differs throughout history. The earlier models typically consisted of two parts. It was of course characterized by a total absence of any hydraulic functions, as that was not a technical possibility yet. As such, it was mostly drawn by horses or, earlier, by an ox. They did already have a little trick, however, namely the following. The iron or steel discs could be pulled up so they did no longer touch the ground. That meant that the apparatus could be transported more easily without doing any damage to patches of ground that it was not intended to be used upon. There were also negative effects, however. In earlier times, such as the twentieth century, they were still called disc ploughs. The intensive use of the machines may well have led to the forming of desert-like plains in the United States, for instance, although that is a scientifically contested fact. In conclusion, the apparatus described can be valuable to any farm business by allowing for a faster growth of any seed, plants or crops. That is, the apparatus ploughs the ground, thus eliminating any unwanted weeds, crops or cop remainders. Regardless of its history, this model has therefore proven to be a worthy addition.

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