Hardick: the experts on PTFE glass

PTFE glass is one of the many products that can be made from PTFE. PTFE is a chemical product that is also know as Teflon. It prevents hot materials sticking and is therefore used in frying pans all over the world. This is an application that most consumers know. PTFE and PTFE glass are also used in industrial environments. The food and automotive industry use PTFE and PTFE glass in many ways, as do manufaturers of computers. PTFE is found in many appliances and products. At Hardick, we specialize in PTFE conveyor belts that can be made in different forms. Whether you need a thin PTFE product, a semi-permeable product or PTFE glass, we can make a custom made design for you that suits your needs.

Ordering PTFE glass products

We offer a range of standard products that you can find on our website. The overview here gives you a quick indication of what is possible: what sizes our PTFE glass product come in and for what purposes the PTFE material can be used. Sometimes, our clients need a solution for a problem that is more difficult tot tackle. For this, we ask our experts to use all their knowledge and expertise to come up with a solution. Ordering your PTFE materials can be done through our standard options, but we also offer the opportunity to work closely with us to come up with the best solution for your production environment. We have worked with PTFE for over fourty years and know the most common challenges manufacturers make. Want to order your PTFE glass today or need help from an expert? Contact us via our website and make a first appointment. Need a standard PTFE glass product but do you want to see the material first? No problem at Hardick. Order a sample of your preferred material and we deliver it to you in several days. This makes ordering easier and faster. After contacting us you can expect a quick reply, often in one to three days. Our excellent service, wide range of specific products and support team make Hardick stand out among other PTFE manufacturers. Choose the best PTFE for your business, that lasts long and makes production easier. Most of our PTFE products are made into:

  • conveyor belts
  • heat resistant packing material
  • heat resistant tape
  • several fabrics, also including silicon

Our packing materials and tape make it possible to pack products right out of a hot production environment. This saves time and ensures maximum quality of packaging.

Custom made design

Right now, you might be making use of non-PTFE materials. If you want to change to PTFE glass, your production environment might need a new design. Our team of experts can help you design your production environment so it is ready to work with PTFE glass products. Installing a new conveyor belt or transportation system might be necessary to reap the benefits of PTFE products completely. Of course, we can assist you and get you started on the right design. For more information, please visit our website hardickptfe.com.

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