Debt collection solicitor

A debt collection solicitor is sometimes simply necessary when your clients do not pay their debts and you need to react accordingly. The solicitors of Finanza Debt Collection Solutions will help you collect your debt, to ensure you are not missing out on revenue. With a quick and discreet approach we help you, from start to finish. Do you have a client who does not react, or are you stuck in a long dispute about a debt? Contact us for more information and learn how we can help you with collecting your debt, with the help of on our solicitors.

The right debt collection solicitor for your case

The most important part of debt collecting is acting quickly. When you suspect that a client might not be able to pay a bill or is refusing to pay, it is a good idea to immediately contact us. We can help you with the necessary steps, which vary depending on your situation. Besides acting quickly we also handle your situation with the utmost discretion. This way we can ensure that you do not scare away any other clients and we believe that a discrete approach is the correct approach is most cases. However, sometimes other measures are needed, so we will look at your specific case and tailor our solution to your situation. Sometimes a client not paying their bills can sneak up on you. Most times a client will continually promise to pay, and yet not do it. If you contact them, they will always ask for just one more week. Weeks turn into months and you still have not received your money. Before you know it you are missing out on important revenue and the collecting of the debt has turned into a long drawn-out dispute with your client. If you are in this situation or suspect that you might soon be, it is a good idea to contact Finanze Debt Collection Solutions. A debt collection solicitor will help you in your specific situation and will give you advice as to what to do. And if necessary, our debt collection solicitor will take legal steps to make sure your debt is collected, but this is our last resort.

A diplomatic approach

An important part of our approach is a diplomatic conversation with your client. Our debt collection solicitor will contact your client and will try and understand both sides of the story. For every client that does not pay their debts there is a reason that is often even more complicated. Using an external professional such as a debt collection solicitor ensures that everyone stays calm and clearly communicates their problems, which greatly reduces the pressure on the situation. The last thing you want is a client getting angry and refusing to pay, simply out of obstinacy or stubbornness. Our debt collection solicitor can help with defusing the situation. We use a diplomatic approach that we believe is the most effective, because your clients are not small children, but adults that must be treated as such. Opening the dialogue has great effects in our experience and this approach will be favoured by your debt collection solicitor. When you have a clear dialogue with your client and you both know and understand each other’s situation most cases can be resolved. However, sometimes more rigorous steps are necessary. Our solicitors know exactly what legal steps can be taken and how to protect you from any legal loopholes your client might try to exploit. It is important to realise that while some cases might go as far as a judge, most will not and can be resolved with some simple mediation.

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