Bob Sniekers

I finished my High School in Amsterdam and went on to college where I first began with a study in Management, economics and law. After I had finished my first year I realized that out of those three subjects, law was the one that interested me the most. So the next year I decided to follow up at the University of Amsterdam as a law student.

During Bob Sniekers his years as a student he already worked for a well-known real estate agency in Amsterdam. It was a dream come true for him as he wanted to be a real estate broker ever since he was a little kid because his parents had inspired me too. When he actually became a real broker (when still in college), he began developing his own interests and ideas based on the current Amsterdam real estate market. He was constantly thinking about opportunities. And when his new housemate moved in, he had it! He saw that there were so many students, young professionals and expats that were looking for a room or an apartment in Amsterdam, but could not get one due to the lack of cheap and affordable housing. He decided to make this his business! He now owns a business that invests in cheaper and more affordable housing in Amsterdam. So while having an enormous amount of fun in work, He is helping all kinds of people as well!

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